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In today’s world, globalization is creating multicultural markets and workplaces; however, it also creates new obstacles in business communication that international and domestic companies must overcome to be successful. Cross-cultural and cultural diversity trainings will help you understand your own values as well as those of other cultures through a combination of trainer-led discussion, group activities and self-assessments.

Cross-cultural Training

Business is about people and doing business in a cross-cultural environment requires an in-depth understanding of the culture of your clients and coworkers. Therefore, cross-cultural training becomes essential in order to maximize positive outcomes of international business interactions.

This training aims at preparing participants for international business interactions, recommending tactics for cross-cultural negotiation and suggesting tools to overcome communication barriers.

Cultural Diversity Training

Cultural diversity training is an important component of an overall inclusion and diversity strategy in the workplace. As the world becomes smaller, chances are you will have to interact with people at your work that are not from your country, and have different cultural values.The training aims at preparing participants to work better with people from different cultures than their own as well as increasing cultural intelligence and appreciation for cultural differences.