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Creating a world of possibilities

As globalization brings the world together, Alabama Language Services will assist you in overcoming the language and cultural barrier.  Based in Birmingham, AL we help organizations and individuals understand and connect with customers and potential customers in international markets, as well as current employees as a team-building exercise. 

We are an innovative language and culture training company that provides engaging cultural immersion lessons with a learner-centered approach to bring the language and culture alive!  Our services include Spanish and Italian language instruction, as well as various cultural activities such as wine dinners, cooking classes and more for children and adults, all designed to make you gain cultural knowledge while having a great time!


Why Us?

Alabama Language Services strives to be the best choice for your company because:

  • Our language consultants are qualified native or native-like speakers of the target language.

  • We are a small company who offers language services at an affordable price with more support compared to bigger competitors located elsewhere.

  • Our programs are unique and tailored to your company’s needs.

  • We strongly value customer relationships and customer satisfaction.



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Ludwig Wittgenstein

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

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